Software Engineer|Project Manager|Systems Administrator|Problem Solver


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A brief summary of my skills

Software Engineer

I have been developing Java based applications for clients around the world since 2012, with an extremely high rate of satisfaction. Most of my experience is with Java 8 and I am very knowledgeable on the language and its applications. I also do a variety of smaller projects in other languages such as C#, Lua, PHP, JavaScript, Python, and more; my exact proficiency varies for each language but I have a modest understanding of them all, and I am constantly expanding my knowledge.

Systems Administrator

Having created, owned, and maintained over 40 separate server instances in 2014 alone (ranging from basic web servers to complex game servers catering to thousands of users daily), I am very familiar with most aspects of backend system administration as well as game server management. My knowledge of most Linux (CentOS, Debian) and Windows based Operating Systems as well as their accompanying shell scripting languages is more than sufficient.

Project Manager

I have had the pleasure of working with and leading hundreds of incredible people from around the world in a variety of projects. My core values for leadership revolve around inclusion of, and maintaining a good relationship with, the people in my team with strong, consistent communication. I'm a true believer that "Teamwork makes the dream work", and I have been highly successful in leading teams of both technical as well as non-technical staff since 2014.

Problem Solver

My involvement with numerous gaming start-up companies during my early career gave me an opportunity to hone and refine my ability to perform under stress in high pressure situations to achieve goals quickly. I have been instrumental in resolving hundreds of important issues for my employers not only effectively, but in a timely manner even in the busiest and most stressful of live environments.


5+ Years of commercial Java development experience|3+ years personnel & project management experience|Adept OO programming & scripting knowledge (Java, JS, C#, Python)|Basic web-based programming & scripting knowledge (HTML, PHP, JS)|Seasoned Knowledge of JSON, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis|Significant Experience with Maven, Gradle, Git, Nexus, Jenkins, JIRA|Good knowledge of various Linux based systems|4+ years systems administrator experience|Drive & motivation to continuously build on & acquire new skills|Fast & efficient problem solving abilities honed by years of experience

Exloki IT Services Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales (11711735) located at 38 Dollar Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AN