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A few things about me...

I'm a Software Engineer

My love for programming started over a decade ago with Java and quickly grew into a love for many other languages too. I'm constantly working on code for my personal projects as I simply love to build. I've been fortunate enough to help companies revoluntionize their software and reach new heights in their business during my career. I've also worked on a variety of projects in languages such as C#, Lua, JavaScript, Node.JS, Python, PHP, and more. I take to programming like a duck to water and I'm constantly expanding my knowledge.

I'm an Engineering Leader

Leading teams of software engineers is a real passion for me - being able to combine my love for programming with my strong human connection skills is a real recipe for success. With experience leading small technical teams, as well as building up entire engineering departments from scratch, I have a wide bredth of knowledge and expertise as an engineering manager. Combined with my fast learning nature, I'm confident leading any engineering teams, regardless of tech stack.

I'm a Tinkerer

and I always have been! From a young age I've always loved taking things a part and figuring out how they work (sorry mum), and that grew into a life-long fascination with building and breaking down (or as we like to call it, reverse engineering) everything digital from software to household electronics. These days my projects usually take the form of making my own smart home automation devices and code for our home, with a dream of making the fully automatic house of the future one day!

I'm a Problem Solver

My favourite phrase is "nothing is impossible", and that's my approach to problem solving. I love rising to a challenge and finding innovative, efficient solutions to problems as quickly as possible. Having been involved with numerous startups during my career, I've been able to constantly refine my approaches and solve increasingly bigger problems. From system design conerns through to major outages in liveops services, I've been able to provide and execute solutions to hunreds of issues, including under pressure.

Skill Highlights

10+ Years of commercial Java development experience|5+ years engineering management experience|5+ years product management experience|Adept OO programming & scripting knowledge (Java, JS, C#, Python)|Seasoned Knowledge of JSON, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis, and Mongo|Significant Experience with Maven, Gradle, Git, Nexus, Jenkins, JIRA|Extensive knowledge of various Linux based systems|7+ years systems administrator experience|Drive & motivation to continuously build on & acquire new skills|Fast & efficient problem solving abilities honed by over a decade of experience

Exloki IT Services Ltd is a registered company in England and Wales (11711735) located at 38 Dollar Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AN